Wasted tables are like modern art: people look at them and think, "Geez, my kid could probably do that." I hope your kid has the patience of a saint and 18,000 clamps. Anyway, ease wasn't the point. We always have a ton of scrap wood lying around in the shop, and we can't bear to toss it. So we came up with this painstaking way of saving it that also happens to be super beautiful. Every piece is unique as a snowflake, and, like our frosty friends, begs for close inspection.


[52w x 18d x 14h]


Wasted #1 is constructed mostly of euro and marine ply, creating detailed striped effects. Wasted #2 is mixture of exotic and domestic hardwoods, and is subtly customizable. The bases are steel with a powder coat or patina.

wasted 1

wasted 2